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Dominica is a very beautiful tropical Island located in the W.I. Eastern Caribbean. Amateur Radio.It is only about 15 miles wide and 30 miles long with a population of about 70,000. The language is mostly English therefor it is easy for Westerners to visit and travel around the Island. It is a nature Island with steep volcanic mountains rising up to 4400 ft. and is has a beautiful rain forest with 100's of streams and rivers. The tropical plants and birds are in abundance with hiking to exotic locations a normal part of the day. Almost any one would enjoy spending a few days at Hetty's cottage and experiencing the sites and sounds of Dominica. There are some good tour agencies for those who would like some on the Island. It is also a good amateur radio location for Dxing and Hetty's cottage www.hettyscottage.com is ready for that as well. Give Hetty a call at 1-767-449-9692 for cottage information. Doing mission work for the past 14 years in Dominica is the Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service (FAIRS). www.fairs.org FAIRS is administrated by the LCF Group located in the Floyd Professional Center, Village Green, Floyd Virgina. Barack. David Larsen KK4WW J79WW J79WWW Dee Wallace KG4VMI N4USA. Floyd Country Store. N4USA

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This video was produced by the LCF Group, ( We are on The Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail and the Round The Mountain Artisan and Craftsman Venue as a great place to visit ) Floyd Professional Center, Village Green, Floyd Virginia. The LCF Group consist of David Larsen KK4WW, Gaynell Larsen KK4WWW and Dee Wallace KG4VMI. We are all radio amateurs and also are Directors of The Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service ( FAIRS) also located in Floyd Virginai. N4USA is the radio call for FAIRS and we have operated in Dominica as J79WW J79WWW J79VMI and many other countries. We are members of The Floyd Amateur Radio Society FARS. The LCF Group (1-540-745-2322) ham radio morse code cw amateurradio hamradio transceiver radio receiver linear amplifier linear amp heathkit ten-tec cw http:// www.va-mountainland.com and ,David Larsen Blacksburg, David Larsen Blacksburg Group, Blacksburg Group, , , , Bugbook , , , , , , , bugbook series , in Floyd Virginia. Www.visitfloydvirginia.org www.floydvirginia.org compass magazine www.virtualblueridge.com blue ridge Parkway Destination Center www.floydtourismdirertory.com Bill St Pierre Floyd Virginia

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