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Clever Critters of Dominica.mp4

Dominica is known as the "Nature Island of the Caribbean," and it took an early lead in the emergence of ecotourism in the region. Rainforest lodges and tantalizing trails attract hikers, and her waters are equally compelling to SCUBA divers and snorkelers, revealing such clever [Read More]

Dominica In Crisis

Dominica is a beautiful unspoiled island in the Caribbean, as close to nature in its purest form as you will find on this planet. Unfortunately the people of Dominica are suffering under a greedy and ruthless regime. Many friends of Dominica are concerned that if [Read More]

Experience Dominica

A Promotional video produced for the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association (D.H.T.A) highlighting Dominica and Tourism related business entities. Interesting locations to visit around the Beautiful Nature Island Dominica. [Read More]