Dominica In Crisis

Dominica is a beautiful unspoiled island in the Caribbean, as close to nature in its purest form as you will find on this planet. Unfortunately the people of Dominica are suffering under a greedy and ruthless regime. Many friends of Dominica are concerned that if this regime is not stopped, the country will suffer further and one of earths last un-spoilt islands will be lost forever.

7 Comments on "Dominica In Crisis"

  1. This video doesn’t tell the truth.. Why doesn’t it show all the work that
    this same Government has done in the country… That’s typical Dominican…

  2. Biased Nonsense…

  3. All the work at what cost…I totally agree

  4. uwp nonsense…what a bunch of fools…idiots

  5. If Dominica will build oil refinery it will become crap like Curacao did.

  6. Beautiful? Unspoiled? The rivers are littered with trash. You may love
    Dominica but be factual. the island with or without development is in

  7. nice well done

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