Responsible tourism in Dominica

Dominica is widely recognised as a world leader in responsible tourism. It was the first ever country to receive a Benchmark designation by international eco-tourism organisation Green Globe, back in 2004. The islands success comes from the fact that it has not had to develop a green tourism product put simply, sustainable tourism is the only kind of tourism Dominica has ever offered.

The natural landscape and local people are key to Dominicas tourism industry. The island has no international chain hotels or large resorts and most businesses are locally owned and run. Local communities are the force behind hotels, guesthouses and tour companies, and in return, tourism benefits local villages and community projects both financially and through imparting knowledge and resources to help all Dominicans live a sustainable lifestyle.

This video demonstrates why Dominica has earned its nickname The Nature Island and looks at how sustainable tourism is helping the island and its people to thrive.

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