11 Comments on "Dominica, the island of waterfalls"

  1. lame

  2. =) =)

  3. great fresh clean water..i’d love to visit there for sure

  4. That’s emerald Pool. I studied at a university there.

  5. k recuerdos…:))

  6. @leanne4196 omg… u are just giving domincans bad names.. shut the hell
    up! because when black bitches go over there they do the same to the white
    men…. besides they are just having fun!!!

  7. Nice vid… i’m glad you enjoyed you all selves 😀

  8. @partygod Yes and accept it and doe try to change it? and Just help others
    bring it Down? SURE! Good Idea I must Say

  9. @partygod If you are a Dominica then you must be really stupid… no matter
    what you do you’ll still be a Dominican (if you are) and you basically
    referring to yourself when you say negative things… because whether you
    like it or not… you helped to bring it down… directly or indirectly!
    everyone has a duty to there country no matter where they living

  10. Dungeon Lionz Production | November 22, 2012 at 1:40 pm | Reply

    Home of Fya Bryte and the Dungeon Lionz. glad you all had a fun time. take
    care and jah bless

  11. WTF

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