Dominica – Scott’s Head

Probably more footage than anyone would care to see of Scott's Head, but it's for myself, puts me back at that place after being away for so long. Amazing snorkel spot. Best place to see porcupine fish.

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  1. Great footage !

  2. Scott’s Head was AMAZING! i loved it there too! the great thing about
    Dominica is there are soooo many places to go, but to see alot of it, you’d
    have to book three weeks plus, last time i went, we travelled to Trafalger
    falls,Emerald Pool, the Sulpher hot srpings, really wanted to see the
    Largest boiling lake, but the roads where too bad to travel up there and
    see it! Oooh and we when to Portsmouth and Point Michelle, totally awesome
    in Dominica, it really is thee best nature island!

  3. MikeInDominica | December 1, 2009 at 2:25 pm | Reply

    Did you have a tour guide telling you the roads were too bad to travel up
    to get to the boiling lake? It wouldn’t surprise me, some of those guys, as
    friendly as they are, don’t want to go through the physical labor it takes
    to get there and are afraid to admit it. I had a great buddy whom I rode
    with often, and sometimes I travelled alone on bicycle.

  4. No we have family out there, and they told us the roads where to bad, we
    where offered to go up there, by walking backpacking, but we had our Nan
    with us so we couldn’t but disappointed, but hopefully next time i go up
    there we get to see it! Brilliant footage by the way

  5. my grandads family r fishermen from scotts head been there once it was

  6. thanks for visiting scott’s head my land of birth. oh and thanks for ur hd
    camera i see scott’s head like i was there

  7. MikeInDominica | October 30, 2011 at 6:21 am | Reply

    @djlangsex I wasn’t just visiting, Dominica was my home for almost 2 years,
    and I still think of it as home. I love that place and hope to go back and
    visit when I can afford it. Absolutely beautiful.

  8. We went to Dominica for my baby moon. We snorkled Scott’s Head. It is a
    beautiful place. Cannot wait to go back and hike to Boiling Lake.

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