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Dominica Hiking – Backpacking Dominica Hiking Caribbean – The Waitukubuli National Trail

The Waitukubuli National Trail is the world's most recent long distance walking trail and covers the length and breadth of Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean. The name Waitukubuli was given by the Kalinago, Dominica's first inhabitants. Meaning "tall is her body", Waitukubuli expresses the rugged yet beautiful nature of our island.

Dominica Hiking – Backpacking Dominica Hiking Caribbean

At 115- miles long this is the only trail of its kind within the Caribbean region. It traverses the island's mountainous interior, enters the Morne Trois Pitons World Heritage Site, climbs the slopes of steaming rain forests, descends dramatic gorges, crosses countless rivers, takes in spectacular waterfalls and steaming sulphur springs, and passes through old plantations, skirts along coastal cliffs, meanders through fertile farm lands and along slave and Kalinago traces, and stops by small villages.

Dominica Hiking – Backpacking Dominica Hiking Caribbean

To walk the trail in its entirety will test the mettle of the most ardent and experienced walker. For the less adventurous, there are grassy paths that meander alongside cooling streams and pass gently through green valleys.

Dominica Hiking – Backpacking Dominica Hiking Caribbean

Experiences Caribbean invites you to Discover the unknown Dominica via the Waitukubuli National Trail. The trail takes around 14 days to complete (14 segments)

Dominica Hiking – Backpacking Dominica Hiking Caribbean

10 Comments on "Dominica Hiking – Backpacking Dominica Hiking Caribbean Tours"

  1. I have a friend that has hiked on this Waitukubuli National Trail. She said
    it was so beautiful.

  2. I am in need of a vacation and this looks like it would be fun.

  3. How long is this trail?

  4. vernette carbon | September 22, 2013 at 4:59 pm | Reply

    The trail is 14 days long but you don’t have to do the entire trail. You
    can do specific segments.

  5. I have the sense that hiking this might involve overnights?

  6. I really enjoy hiking and I love exotic settings. This is for me!

  7. I have heard the Waitukubuli National Trail is spectacular.

  8. Hiking this trail is now on my bucket list.

  9. I am a very athletic person and I have heard this Waitukubuli National
    Trail has stretches that are challenging. I would love to give this a go.
    Or at least a good portion of it.

  10. This would be the hike of a lifetime.

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