Travels in DOMINICA, The Island of Discovery! Caribbean

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Join us on an adventure into the Garden of Eden, the undiscovered jewel of the Caribbean… DOMINICA! We arrive by sail and hike into the mountains of the lush tropical rainforests of Dominica and meet up with MOSES, a 60-year old Rasta that has lived off the land in the mountains his entire life. We were fortunate to get an interview with MOSES and gain some insight into his world of peace and love… Something we can all learn from! :o)

Experience the magnificence of a huge cascading waterfall in the heart of the rainforest, local vegetation and culture, and more… ENJOY!!

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30 Comments on "Travels in DOMINICA, The Island of Discovery! Caribbean"

  1. what a beautiful place to explore!
    I luv the forest and the falls!

  2. I visited this fascinating place two weeks ago… and I am out of words…
    those people…that nature… that way of living… Im just lovin it… 

  3. Suck it! Suck it white boi. Mmmm juicy

  4. That man sounds more intelligent then 50% of white redneck Americans 

  5. Melissa Medina | May 3, 2015 at 7:32 am | Reply

    The dude in the orange shorts looks like a buff Andrew Zimmern lol

  6. bella jasmine | June 10, 2015 at 3:43 pm | Reply

    wow he’s speaking truth!

  7. I.m just returned from Dominica and do already miss it..really the most
    beautyful place i have ever been ..
    Thanks for this nice short video!

  8. Glenda Jalgalado Cereno | September 17, 2015 at 9:26 am | Reply

    Hi new subbie here, been to Dominica as well, just regret I did not take
    videos – please check my channel (AND SUBSCRIBE, if you like) 🙂 Tnx

  9. hi…hope u had an awesome trip in visiting my country ,,,but i feel ur
    making us look crazy and uneducated with that rasta man … most of the
    stuff he is saying ..are lies!..n also u should change ur music for this
    video ..its freaking me out lmfao !

  10. real talk

  11. i am from the USA but my family is from Dominica , also i grew up there for
    6 years and interviewing this rasta man is making the people of the country
    look uneducated .. next time please interview the prime minister or an
    educated high school child.

    • +Rick Moore Not Her/His fault bruh, most people on the Island think like
      this as well… It’s quite sad. =/

    • A. Melodie Christmas | May 23, 2016 at 7:06 pm | Reply

      I reside in the UK and this man is my blood uncle… my dad’s brother and
      he is educated.
      At times I wonder why some people stand aloof with arrogance. Uncle moses
      few years ago released a book in France. Go check it out.
      Nothing he said has to do with education brotherman! it’s just the real
      history of D/ca.
      See? had you gotten your facts straight, you wouldn’t have written like a

    • Have you listened to what the man said or did you just look at his
      appearance and manner of being, and decide it doesn’t fit with your
      eurocentric view of what an educated man looks, sounds and acts like?

    • you have the right

    • I suppose your another dumb soul embarrsed by her roots , educated with
      What? If you have no concept of the world around you , You aint ediucated ,
      Whats your skillset , Psychologist or some other metaphysical horseshit ?
      this Rasta has practical skills & only needs the body he was born in to
      survive , You stick to your western American Slave Loving Material world –
      – – – -78 billion people of which 4 billion are trying to become
      millionaires by shitting on each other , rasta is one love , I eat you eat
      , I smoke you smoke , I have shelter you have shelter , idrink you drink :
      One Love – Sepratist Moron

  12. Awesome truths. x

  13. Darrell Burge | March 10, 2016 at 3:25 pm | Reply

    Rick I’ve watched a lot of your videos and by far this is the best. That
    mans’ message was excellent. With your updated abilities I would love to
    see more like this one. God willing the carries will be our stomping ground
    in about three years.

  14. 3:36 ‘Age of Learning’ – “people are going to get their nourishment from
    nature” …rather insightful wouldn’t you say?

  15. Kɛʍʊɛʟ Lօʋɛʟʟ | May 4, 2016 at 5:56 pm | Reply

    I rep 767

  16. Indiania Cazablanka | May 26, 2016 at 1:08 am | Reply

    I live in Antigua and I will be sharing this video with my class tomorrow.
    I love it.

  17. wow it was a pleasure watching this video nature was at its best

  18. 4:45 “stick it it in your Mouth and suck it” lol. He probably tells that to
    his wife a lot

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