Nature Island. Dominica, located in the French West indies is a really magical place.

It’s kind of crazy how life works. A few weeks ago I was boarding a plane for Dominica for a film project. I posted a photo on facebook and received a message from a friend, Ashley, just after I arrived on the island mentioning she knew someone who was living there. Ashley said I must meet her friends Melissa and Andy – with a big emphasis on must.

As the film challenge I was there for commenced, I found myself changing my plane ticket to stay in Dominica four more days, and hopping in Melissa’s car going to who knows where for the last two. Where I ended up couldn’t have been more perfectly planned. I did not, however plan to make a film, and especially the way I did.

Can you recall an experience that changed you? A moment that will forever be engrained in you and you recall it when you smell a certain something or flip through an old photo album. These moments don’t occur often. But they did for me twice in Dominica. I hope you’ll watch this short film I was inspired to make yesterday and be taken back to remember some of your own serendipitous moments in life. And always remember to be open to letting life lead you once in a while.

Melissa and Andy are now like my long lost friends who I just hadn’t yet met. Melissa is a qualified architect and chef and Andy is a yacht captain. They both work on Yachts and after sailing and traveling the world decided to call Dominica home. They just finished building their house, the one you see in the film, and rent the little cottage down the way to guests traveling through. They are fully off the grid, powered by solar and fresh spring water and harvest their meals (they are INCREDIBLE chefs) from their food forrest they’ve grown on the property. If you find yourself in Dominica, make sure you look them up. I’m sure they’d love to meet you. You can find them under Banana Lama Eco Villa on Facebook.

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  1. AMAZING Film!

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