Roxy’s Mountain Lodge, THE Dominica Hotel & Guesthouse -The Caribbean Island of Discovery!

– Roxy's Mountain Eco-Lodge

Roxy's Mountain Lodge, is THE Dominica Hotel & Guesthouse, nestled within the island's rain forest, where nature lovers and adventurous find themselves in the eco-tourist's utopia. You will enjoy the invigorating mountain air, and pure spring drinking water. Roxy's Mountain Lodge location allows you, with skilled guides, to hike easily to the Valley of Desolation and the world's largest Boiling Lake, or climb the summit of Morne Macaque.
Starting from your choice Dominica Hotel & Guesthouse room, you can walk to a plethora of fascinating sites and end with a warm sulphur bath at the Ti-Tou Gorge, the outlet of the Fresh Water Lake, where a hot mineral spring converges with the bracing pure cold water of the gorge. Skilled swimmers venturing further up the gorge encounter sheer smooth sides covered by a rain forest canopy and are rewarded with the sight of a small waterfall plunging into the water. Nowhere in the vast Caribbean can nature lovers enjoy so many varied experiences in a single location.
Roxy's Mountain Lodge and Hotel is renowned for its delicious and authentic creole cuisine using organically-grown local produce. Other amenities include a bar (with a wide selection of local and foreign music) and restaurant.
Roxy's trained and experienced staff will be happy to organize island tours and hikes and provide the ideal atmosphere at the end of a hard day's hiking — including if you desire, a relaxing and tension relieving massage by a qualified nurse.
Roxy's Mountain Lodge was developed by multiple generation Dominica locals for those who want something different… Roxy's provides a true oneness with nature, for all who truly appreciate the pristine beauty of the unspoiled wilderness, jungle and rain forest.
Contact Roxy's Mountain Lodge, THE Dominica Hotel & Guesthouse now and let the stress and strain of everyday life melt away. Call: 767-448-4845 or email:
Dominica's Rainforest Eco-Friendly Hotel – the Gateway to all the Island's Adventures and Serenity

4 Comments on "Roxy’s Mountain Lodge, THE Dominica Hotel & Guesthouse -The Caribbean Island of Discovery!"

  1. A Touch of Wellness Massage & Health Center USVI | December 22, 2013 at 7:28 pm | Reply

    Very nice video….! I’m booking my flight to head to Roxy’s Mountain Lodge
    within a few weeks!

  2. Marketing Director | December 22, 2013 at 9:05 pm | Reply

    If its a vacation / holiday you’re looking to do you GOTTA got explore
    Dominica and Roxy’s Mountain Lodge!

  3. Looks like somewhere we want to be… NICE

  4. Willem van Leeuwen | May 8, 2014 at 8:34 pm | Reply

    We stayed in this cool, awesome lodge many years ago when we went to
    Dominica for the Boiling Lake Hike. When the owner asked us where we came
    from and I told him we live in Amsterdam, he asked us: “And what about the
    coffeeshops in Amsterdam?” ;-)

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