Dominica’s Sea View Apartments and hotel suites in Calibishie.

: When you go on your next Caribbean holiday, you have two choices on how you can travel. You can go to a lush tourist resort, pay high prices, fight the crowds, get a tan, and never actually see the real Caribbean, or you can go somewhere a little more remote. Somewhere untainted by the outside world. A place where natural flora and fauna meet the sea in total tranquility. An island where you can truly experience what it's like to get away from it all.
Thankfully, you can now take that second option without leaving behind all the comforts of life.Than is Dominica the nature island in the Caribbean where you need to bee.Those pages show what a beautiful and lively place Dominica is.Our apartments are the perfect accommodation to start your adventure in Dominica.

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  1. Nice! u should have added some music. Don’t know when, but i’ll definitely
    go there some day. always wanted to.

  2. beautiful, as is all the Caribbean, Dominica is on my list of places to

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