Dominica the Secret Garden – DVD Trailer

DOMINICA THE SECRET GARDEN is a feature length documentary about the beautiful island of Dominica, popularly know as the Nature Island. It is located in the Caribbean Sea between Guadeloupe and Martinique, not to be mistaken for Dominica Republic. This mystical Island of numerous waterfalls, lakes, rivers and hot springs is a hidden garden, unspoiled and protect by its rouged mountains and people. The chronicles of it's amazing history, culture, and it's magnificent geography is revealed in this 60 minute documentary.

10 Comments on "Dominica the Secret Garden – DVD Trailer"

  1. “sitting at the end of the chain”…..this is wrong,Dominica does not sit
    at the end of the chain. Its situated approximately in the middle of the

  2. a chain goes around ur neck it can also be a circle not true?

  3. a chain goes around ur neck it can also be a circle not true?

  4. why is the narrator speaking with a british accent? whats wrong with our

  5. This video was edited in Jamaica a wonderful young lady offered to do it
    for us..with a sweet British accent..and I think she did a great job…I
    especially love the part when she tries to speak creole…

  6. @strazzy3 i resent that! jamaicans use theirs and its not a problem. hell
    they even subtitle it on BET! so whats wrong with ours. Show some backbone
    and appreciate your identity.

  7. @strazzy3 eh? you tube dosent allow porn. oh man i’m done with this.

  8. It said to comment on video! Not your personal ignorance. Oops! I meant
    beliefs. Now for my comment: Well done! I plan to purchase this to share
    with my family. As an adult, I can appreciate the wonders and beauty of my

  9. It’s called Marketing/Advertisement. There’s nothing wrong with your
    accent. This was made for EVERYONE, not just for Dominicans.

  10. @shadow50 lol yeah thanks. hearing great reviews on this DVD back home!
    gonna buy one for my collection right now. GREAT WORK NELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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