Dominica: Driving through the lush jungles of Dominca towards the capital Roseau

Moving around from the country of the Commonwealth of Dominica is such a beautiful experience. The lush foliage, flowers and mountain views are astounding. Dominica is essentially a mountainous jungle with villages carved out of the jungle. Most of the roads are one lane roads but are in good condition. The roads move along the sides of the mountains and many have steep cliffs or make dramatic cuts through mountain tops and deep valleys. The views are just breathtaking. People drive at a comfortable pace and are courteous to oncoming vehicles. Everyone is relaxed and friendly (no road rage).

If you have ever been to a botanical garden in a large city and have smelled the smell of tropical trees and plants, then you will know what it is to smell the air in Dominica. The entire island smells of a beautiful odor of tropical foliage so fresh is the smell that it is completely intoxicating.

The sound in the video is the wind blowing against the camera because I had my arm out the window holding the camera while Pepper was driving (Pepper from As he drives around corners Pepper often beeps to notify oncoming traffic that a car is coming in the opposite direction. This is a safety measure that is ingrained in everyone's driving habits in Dominica, and especially necessary when there is a cliff at the side.

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