Dominica Carnival Calypso Music 2013

Dominica Carnival 2013 in the capital Roseau this colorful lively
event last several days Most all the Caribbean Islands and many other place have their own versions of Carnival

Wikipedia – The Caribbean's Carnivals all have several common themes many originating from Trinidad and Tobago Carnival[citation needed], based on folklore, culture, religion,and tradition (thus relating to the European use of the word, not on amusement rides, as the word "carnival" is often used in American English). Carnival tradition is based on a number of disciplines including: "Playing Mas"/Masquerade; Calypso Music and crowning a Calypso King or Monarch; Panorama (Steel Band Competition); Jouvert morning; and a number of other traditions.

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We visit to do the work of our Foundation for Amateur International Radio Service (FAIRS) htttp:// We have many friends on this beautiful Caribbean Island of Dominica. Dominica is a real nature Island and great for ecotourism .

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  1. These Carnivals are colorful and a work of art making the beautiful
    costumes. Our friend in Dominica makes many of the very complex ones –
    Curtis Gordon J79CPL in Roseau , Dominica.

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