Discover Dominica with Dominica Travel Deals.

Dear Dominica traveler,

Dominica Travel Deals would like to take you on a miraculous journey through The Nature Island of The Caribbean: Dominica. Our extensive experience in organizing tours and trips together with our understanding of the needs of our clients are the main reasons why we can proudly present ourselves as the premier choice for the real Out of The Caribbean travel experience.

The tours that we organize are very diverse. You can choose from:

Private tours and trips.
Comfortable fully arranged tours with accommodation.
Adventurous tours: individual our with an international group.

All itineraries are put together carefully and often reach places rarely visited by tourists. The quality of your holiday experience is always our number one priority and you can count on us to provide you with unique and beautifully located accommodations and locations to rest, often selected by us personally.

Our enthusiastic team consists of Dominica specialists who would love to share their experiences with you and offer professional advise. Nowadays it is almost a cliché to say: "we are specialists!" Dominica Travel Deals ensures that the word specialist again gets real meaning and stands for an extensive knowledge of the country. We would like to emphasize that almost all travel dreams can come true, so please challenge us with your questions and wishes!

Using our extensive experience and operating through our office in Dominica, we are able to make your holiday wishes and dreams come true throughout Dominica. We find personal communication very important, and this is why we do not work with intermediaries. You book directly with us, which ensures you the best possible advice, and of course the best prices!

There are so many different possibilities to consider and it might be difficult to choose the destination for your holiday out of the many beautiful Caribbean Islands. We would like to make this difficult choice a little bit easier. If you have a preference for a particular topic then click on the button of your theme and you will find comprehensive information, sample itineraries and other interesting suggestions.

Personally, we are the proud owners of Dominica Travel Deals. We understand exactly what quality is, how important personal advice is, and what the real Caribbean – Dominica experience entails. Dominica Travel Deals stands for a professional and competent international organization with a focus on quality, knowledge and personal service and offers you the very best of Dominica.

Very best regards,

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