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There are golden sand beaches in Dominica!

September 12, 2016 - Comment

Having family fun in the Nature Island

Having family fun in the Nature Island


dlroots says:

Thats My Homeland…The Nature Isle of the Caribbean…There’s no place
like home

Latoya A says:

wow i cant wait to go back home to Dominica

Dionne Prince says:

Lovely footage, what’s the name of that beach?, I am going to DA in Dec,
can’t wait.

David Bruney says:

Ariandi1 It’s Woodford Hill Beach on the North East Coast. Also check out,
Turtle Beach and Pointe Baptiste – beautiful! Hire a local cerified guide
to get the best of your stay in the Nature Island 😉

Dionne Prince says:

Thanks for that, we are staying in the North East area, so that’s handy,
have been to that beach before.I will try and do some filming whilst there
too.Thanks again

Judy Roberts says:

I misd DA, went back this july and didnt want to come back.

browniedgal says:

home…no place on earth like it. its paradise… i believe the only one
that earth has.:-)

David Bruney says:

LOL…the combination of pristine oceanic rain forests, World Heritage
Site, world class dive sites plus empty golden sand beaches, makes Dominica
a compelling island for responsible travelers…Catch the 06:30 flight into
DOM and you will have a good chance to see the mist rising from the
mountains and valleys…it is one of the most awesome and magical moments
in the Caribbean region.

rootbooy says:

da for life

Qland22 says:

Really nice beach but I heard you got to be careful ’cause they got some
wicked cross-currents in that specific area…other than that it’s super!

David Bruney says:

I have not experienced any wicked cross currents at Woodford Hill as yet –
that said – one it is wise to take precautions when swimming in the
sea…as a rule of thumb swim with the locals 😉 BTW there’s some nice
luminescence when night swimming.

David Bruney says:

BTW word on the ground is that Sixsenses has plans to build a luxury
resort/spa at this beach….public access will still be made available…I

Nizwiz411 says:

home sweet home

landofsoleil says:

Dominica is freakin amazing!! Kubuli gurl for life!!!!

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