Discover your inner explorer on the Island of Dominica.

Winner of the 2014 Dominica Film Challenge.

Trent Hilborn
Josh Becker

A select group of aspiring filmmakers, photographers, and story tellers, were offered free round-trip airfare, accommodations, meals, trail guides, and access to one of the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes in the world. All they had to do was explore and document their adventures. This is the result.

Dominica – "The New"

Before landing on the island, Trent and Josh thought they already knew what they wanted to capture. And then the plane landed and all of that flew out the window. Immediately they began to discover things they couldn’t predict and as the week wore on their own adventures began to make their way into the film.

From arm-wresting a dock worker to hiking the boiling lake, it became clear the only way to experience the beauty of Dominica was to discover it on your own. So check out their adventures and know that this film is merely a glimpse of what the island has to offer. (Trent & Josh)

Team Biography

Trent Hilborn is an Emmy® award-winning director born and bred in The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. Josh Becker is an Iowa native, Minnesota transplant. Trent has crafted a variety of work without permits, limits and safety equipment. Josh shoots stuff. Trent focuses on making every aspect of production as flawless as possible. Josh animates stuff. Trent’s drive is to create and his work is created to drive, be it inspirational, motivational or something completely off the wall. When Josh isn’t playing with cameras, you’ll find him tweeting about his breakfast. #blessed They both think they do all the work and squabble like an old married couple, they make a pretty good team I guess.

Sponsored by:

Discover Dominica Authority

Produced by:

Bolin Marketing
Michael Kraabel – Executive Producer
Nathan Eide – Producer

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