Health & Wellness Video

This video highlights Dominica's use of natural resources to heal the aches and pains of the hustle and bustle of everyday living. It allows you to see how easily a vacation to Dominica can help rejuvenate, soothe and relax your mind body and soul. [Read More]

Dominica Legacy of Pirates – остров Доминика наследие пиратов

Документальный познавательный фильм "Доминика наследие пиратов" на острове Доминика, не путайте с Доминиканской республикой – это легендарная Доминика !!! На этом острове проходили съёмки фильма Пираты карибского моря 2-3. Второе в мире по величине кипящее вулканическое озеро, первое в Новой Зеландии. Омывается остров с одной [Read More]


Dominica is one of the lesser-known islands in the Caribbean, but those who do know it have marveled at its raw and still largely undeveloped beauty, as well as its incredibly friendly inhabitants. This video is a document of my time spent there and the [Read More]

Dominica – The Nature Island

Adventure activities, fascinating wildlife, history, culture, beautiful landscapes, sunshine and friendly people – all of these can be found in Dominica, one of the Caribbean's hidden gems. Known as the Nature Island with mountainous landscape of rainforests, rivers and waterfalls Dominica is a haven for [Read More]