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Special Event

The Dominica Association of Disabled Prople's (D.A.P.P) unique and innovative form of soliciting the support of the National Community for some of it's programmes is through its WHEEL-A-WALK-A-THON! This special event is organised annually since 1988 and has obtained the support and input of a wide cross-section of the Dominican Public who donate their time, service, facilities, equipment, materials, good and cash to the Association in this activity.

This special event was help on April 6th, which attracted many persons.

The walk-a-thon started from Loubiere and climaxing in St. Joseph.
The distance is some 15 miles.

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DADP was formed in 1983 as an organisation of disabled people whose members include persons with any kind of physical or mental limitation. DADP has established itself as an effective voice for persons with disabilities in Dominica and has successfully worked to raise the consciousness of the public and private sectors regarding both the difficulties faced by disabled people in society and the potential of disabled people to be productive contributors to the countryís social and economic well being. DADP currently has over 400 members.

Through its memorandum of Association, DADP has established several key objectives. These include:

        - to unite all forms of disability under one umbrella in a common struggle for full participation and equality among our fellow citizens.

        - to promote and undertake programmes to assist disabled persons in acquiring vocational skills, thus preparing them for job opportunities and independence; and

        - to collaborate for the benefit of disabled persons with any individual or organisation, whether in Dominica or elsewhere, which the Association from time to time deems it necessary so to do for the realisation of its objects.

DADP is administered by a Board of Directors, seven district committees and a secretariat. The Board is charged with responsibility for overseeing the functioning of the Secretariat which has an Executive Director as its chief administrative officer, responsible for the day to day running of the organisation. The Secretariat also includes a Programme Officer, a project officer, a Development Officer and staffing of the Secretariat are nearly all persons with disabilities.

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            Mr. Asquith Rivier - President Mr. Clifford Wallace - Vice President Ms. Irma Raymond - Secretary Mr. Miguel Ismael - Treasurer Ms. Ann-Marie Nanthan - Assistant-Secretary/Treasurer Mr Reginald Rolle - Executive Director Mrs Nathalie Rolle - Programme Officer Ms Sylvanie Prosper - Field Officer Ms Kendra Daniel - Officer Secretary Ms C. King - Development Officer (PVC)

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The primary goal of DADP is to develop the capacity of disabled people in Dominica. The status of disabled persons in Dominica has remained relatively unchanged in recent times. In a survey done by the Association in 1989, it was determined that approximately ten percent of Dominicans, some 7,000 people, have a disability. This figure is in line with estimate made by the World Health Organisation on the prevalence of disability generally. The Association utilises the United Nations definition of disability, any restriction or lack of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being.

DADP is a self-help, community based organisation, which sees the issue for disabled people as being ones of access and empowerment. As disabled individuals themselves, they do not seek charity, they seek to be given a fair opportunity to participate in the life of the community.

Over the past several years, in accord with its three year plan, DADP has made significant strides in getting its message out to the people of Dominica. DADP has achieved visibility through its programmes and its diligent efforts to assure media coverage about those programmes, including courses in sign language, Braille lessons, training in independent living skills and a seminar for its womenís group in organisational development.

DADP has also organised its members into sports and cultural groups. These groups participate in activities in Dominica and in neighbouring countries. A highlight for the cultural group in 1996 was the organisation of a band for carnival. By participating as equals in the Carnival parade, DADP brought a new level of awareness to the Dominican people about the abilities of disabled persons. The crowds enjoying the parade were pleasantly surprised to see the carnival spirit being shared enthusiastically by people who had been expected to remain as spectators.

Another project undertaken by DADP is the establishment of a viable small business. Through many difficulties, DADP has remain committed to developing a furniture making business that will both provide meaningful work for disabled persons and produce much needed income to supplement the associationís traditional fund raising efforts. Numerous obstacles have been faced, but the business is now back on track and expected to turn a profit over the next year or so.

DADP is undertaking a strategic effort to develop a local base for fund raising. This is groundbreaking work as traditionally organisations in the Caribbean have looked primarily to external sources to support their programmes. DADP hopes to establish a solid core of local support which will enable it to sustain programmes which may require external support in the first instance.

DADP is also in the forefront of the effort throughout the Caribbean to strengthen the regional movement advocating the rights to disabled persons. DADP expects to benefit substantially from learning more about successful efforts undertaken in other countries to ameliorate the situation of disabled people. A closer relationship with the associations of disabled persons in other countries will also provide a rich source of knowledge and information for the members of DADP.

DADP has accomplish much in its initial phase of raising consciousness about the status of disabled Dominicans. It is now prepared to move to phase two which will focus on the implementation of an action plan intended to bring meaningful change to the lives of people who have disabilities. the underlying premises of phase two is the full integration of disabled persons into the life of the community.

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For more information, Email : dadp@dominicacompanies.com

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